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The Fundamentals of Establishing a Writing Side Hustle

Every tip and trick you need to start your successful freelance writing side hustle in LESS THAN THREE MONTHS

If you’ve wanted to be a writer for years, then you know how frustrating it is to watch others find success while you wait and hope and sometimes – just sometimes! – feel a little jealous. (Okay, maybe a lot jealous.)

You dream of finding a creative outlet, but you just can’t quite put your finger on what that might look like ... and it's killing you.

You want to make more money, maybe even be your own boss, and be recognized for work that is truly your own. Is that REALLY so much to ask??

I understand.

I know what it feels like when, no matter how hard you try to re-polish that manuscript or write that brilliant new short story, it just doesn’t come.
What are you doing wrong?

Well, it's really very simple: you forgot the magic ingredient. See, you take the wing of an elderly raven, mix it with the empty shell of a Turkish sea snail and the spine of a porcupine who's suffered a disappointment in love and ...

No. No, that's not it.

Because there IS no magic ingredient. There's just you, your craft and the writing life that's waiting for you.

Don't believe me? I was right where you were, and guess what? Now I write all day, every day, and make good money doing it.

You can too.

… No really, you can finally create a daily writing practice, and maybe even make some money off it one day.

Imagine for a moment. What if you ...

... could spend every single day writing, and didn't need anyone else's permission to do it?

... could put that creative writing or journalism degree to good use, from the comfort of your own home, IN YOUR UNDERWEAR? (What? Maybe. Who wants to know?)

... could work with clients who wanted your services and loved paying for them?

... could earn an excellent income, become location-independent and genelly live the good life ... even on weekdays?

Well, you can.

A strong, routine writing practice doesn't mean slaving for other people, getting paid dirt or selling your soul.


The Real Question Is: Are You Happy Right Now?

When it comes right down to it, the most important factor in whether or not you should make a change is whether or not it will make you happier. Because at the end of the day, accolades and laurels and appearances really don't matter. All that matters is: Do you need a change?

Ask yourself, right now, and be honest:

Are you satisfied with the work you're doing, or does your job routinely inspire in you the kind of panic that makes you want to turn tail and run to Mexico?

Do you wish you had more time, freedom or finished projects?

Would you prefer writing all day over what you do now? (That's a big one, friend.)

If you could write full-time job tomorrow ... would you?

This last question is really the most salient. If you answered "yes," that means you're ready for a change, and you shouldn't have to wait to make it.

Your life, after all, is not tomorrow or next year. It is RIGHT NOW.

And sure, making a small change to better your life doesn't guarantee a thriving business like, yesterday, but it does ensure you'll get there muuuuuuuuch faster than you would if you never tried.

You can work from anywhere, including your back porch, that cafe overlooking the lagoon or even Mars. (Okay, not Mars. Clients probably wouldn't appreciate the transmission times. But still, almost anywhere!)

You will have way more time to spend with significant others, kiddos, doggies, guilting Jewish moms, the dude at the surf shop, whatever.

You can eat an entire pack of Oreos on a Monday afternoon without Shirley in Accounting seeing you. And let's not lie, that's the big one right there.

... I'm sorry, is that not enough reasons? Because it should be. This job is awesome, and you deserve it.

This class is the foundational course you need to get started with your side hustle.

So believe in yourself. Sign up. See where this thing goes.

(Spoiler alert: It goes somewhere REALLY GOOD, so don’t wait!)



I loved working through Sarah's course. It's actionable and so rich with valuable information. Plus, it's a total hoot to read. Sarah has such a gift at presenting information in a way that's easy to digest while really stretching your writing abilities for the better. I've already improved my craft, and feel so much more confident with clear, specific templates in my arsenal that allow me to create compelling content whenever I want. I highly recommend this course and Sarah's work in general.

~ Jackie J.

Wow. If you're looking to learn about copywriting, this is a MUST READ. The content is not only perfectly organized and filled with Sarah's amazing knowledge, but it's also laid out beautifully, filled with prompts that really inspire you to get to work, and comes with the added bonus of Sarah's awesome style and sense of humor. If you put the content of this workbook to work, it will, without a doubt, work for you.

~ Dani D.

I absolutely loved this course! Sarah somehow makes dry subjects like finding your voice and identifying your target audience fun by teaching them with humor and hard-hitting exercises. No fluff, just tons of top notch information presented with contagious inspiration. I recommend this to anyone who wants to take their copywriting to the next level (while having lots of fun in the process).

~ Patrik E.

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Sarah Moore

Sarah is the owner and founder of New Leaf Writing, where she creates content for rad clients, and helps would-be writing greats hone their copy skills. In all, she's pretty awesome ... but that's just what other people say. #modesty

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